The lessons we learn from the waves we face


Do you ever wonder what is going on? This time of change makes us ask what is going on? Everything is happening, one thing after another.

In the Gospels, Jesus taught about the storms we face. For three and a half years He molded and shaped the disciples into what they needed to be. Jesus is always teaching us something, somewhere. The rate of learning must be greater than the rate of change. We need to become a student of what we are going through! Isaiah 30:20 says the Lord gives a little adversity to make you a good teacher.

In Luke 8 the disciples were faced with a storm and they were fearful. Jesus awakened and in Luke 8:25 He asked them “Where is your faith?”  He had given them faith, and they had faith, but where did they place it?

We put a bandage on anything that we put our faith in that is not God! We put faith in a bottle, pills, relationships, which in return can create a bandage. Disappointment is God’s way of delivering you by what you did not know you were bound by.

God wants us to locate our faith! If you put your faith in relationships, you will get let down. Disappointment is the first step tp faith. Put your faith back in God. Remember the storm is about you seeing His sovereignty.

The same storm where Jesus was asleep, raged on and they were filled with water.  The Bible does not say the boat was filled with water but THEY were filled with water! They had internal waves. How can Jesus sleep when I am going through this storm? For the disciples, Jesus was trying to teach them where their faith was.

When the disciples were on the boat at night and a storm came upon them, Jesus saw it all and knew they would go through that storm.They were afraid. The waves were pounding, but they saw a figure walking on the water on the very waves they were afraid of!  Just remember that no matter how dark the night, there are still waves under our feet. Step on top of what you are going through. Jesus said “Heaven is my throne and earth is my footstool”.

Put your faith back in God! We are called to be like Him, not swallowed up in fear. Don’t get bound by uncertainty. Now is the perfect time for the church to step out in faith! Be a student like never before! He will put it under your feet!


Rev. Ryan Neer

April 19, 2020