The Road

Luke 10:30-35

The road to Jericho is similar to the Death road. Three thousand foot decline in elevation and it rained for over 2 weeks. The road was dangerous with bandits and was often called “Bloody Pass”. It was a treacherous place to travel.

Men would start their journey to Jerusalem after leaving the presence of God to journey , but would fall into the wrong crowd. Sometimes we mean to worship God but somewhere along the journey we are left a mess. I have never met anyone who walked away from God without something to complain about!

The parable of the sower and the seed is a great example of planting a seed in bad ground. It will not take root there. It is the same with people. The seeds can be sown in our heart but if it falls on dry ground it will wither and die.

There is no need to live inside the walls of mediocrity anymore. Let God tear down those walls. We go to church week after week and go through the motions, but we cannot let those emotions dictate our life! Don’t let a wall keep your from the promise! The world will lie and tell you what church should be but we cannot let them decide who God is to you!

In the parable of the good Samaritan, the Levites had rules and regulations they had to follow. They were not allowed to enter the Holy place after touching any dead thing. In the present day, it is not about the building ,but about the touch from God. We need to find God and not just talk about Him. Christianity does not make you a better person, but is to save us from the sins of self. It is not about being better but being sanctified.

I am so thankful that when I was bleeding and dying on the side of the road, I had someone to save me from my sins!  The Levites were all about work, and were forbidden to touch blood because it was unclean and they had to be pure to minister in the tabernacle.

We build walls around people we know and form groups. It is not wrong to have a group of friends , but there are people in the city that need God so we need to get outside of that group!

The Samaritan was looked at as a dog in Bible times by the Jews, but he was the one who stopped and bound the wounds of the the wounded man and took him to place to get help.

The promise of God is what marks you, not attendance or worship will save you. The promise will save me!

The church is like the special forces. If you are filled with the Holy Ghost, He has filled you with power. He gave us power to destroy the works of the enemy. BUT, is God testing you to see if you love Him? NO!! He allows us to go through things. He knows our heart, and He and wants us to become mature and grow up. He is stretching us!

God called you to be GREAT ! We cannot settle for anything less! When we are facing our biggest problem, God will make provisions because He has already prepared a table for us!

Bishop Jared Staten
February 2, 2020